Call for Proposals

* Proposal acceptance has closed*


Proposals are due by January 26, 2020

What does it mean to be a lifelong learner and teacher?  How do we as educators and scholars stay fresh and agile to meet the changing needs of learners?  What might we need to unlearn?

Inspired teaching requires a willingness to continually learn, unlearn, question, and grow.  As educational innovators, we look to new approaches, modalities, and expanding our own learning as well as that of our students.  This year’s Symposium provides opportunities for collaborations, new approaches, and networking with colleagues to push the boundaries as teachers and those who support teaching.

While each year we pick a theme to provide emphasis to a current campus focus, we also welcome a broad range of proposals that highlight innovations, new approaches, and simple “ah ha” discoveries within our campus teaching and learning community. As the academic year concludes, the symposium serves as the bookend to reflect on our teaching and begin the process of re-energizing our practice for future curricular adjustments.

We are seeking proposals for engaging presentations and posters that spotlight learning across campus.  Proposals may address one or more of the following topics:

  • New approaches to student engagement and curriculum design
  • Strategies to enhance inclusivity inside and out of the classroom
  • Reflective practice in teaching
  • Data informed course development, advising, or co-curricular experiences
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Enrichment of our students’ Wisconsin Experience

We welcome all who contribute to our UW-Madison teaching mission to submit proposals for three types of presentations.  Proposed session presentations can be either:

  1. 30 minute information sharing sessions where the speaker(s) presents new ideas and inspires discussion on implementations beyond a single course to other courses or situations
  2. 60 minute group engagement presentations that involve the audience or a panel in discussion and exchange of ideas on a topic
  3. Poster presentations provide a more informal interaction forum aimed at highlighting teaching and learning projects, initiatives, and programs including those in student affairs and student services that contribute to the students’ Wisconsin Experience.

Submission forms: 

Proposals are due by January 26, 2020

  • Presentation submission form (deadline has passed)
  • Poster submission form

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Stoeckel, co-chair of the Teaching and Learning Symposium.