Schedule 2017


7:30 a.m.  Registration Opens — Varsity Hall

8–9:45 a.m.    Welcome and Keynote — Varsity Hall

Welcome Remarks
Sarah Mangelsdorf, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Steven Cramer, Vice provost for Teaching and Learning and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Wisconsin Experience: It’s Not Just for Students   

Patricia Devine, UW-Madison Kenneth and Mamie Clark Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology

9:45–10 a.m.       BREAK

10–11 a.m.            BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Mentoring, Movement, & Mindfulness

Stephanie House
Fifth Quarter Room

Getting on the Same Page: Learning Outcomes in Service Learning

Jessica Teslaa, Janet Branchaw, Mo Bischof, Kathy Cramer
Agriculture Room

Incorporating Active Learning into Your Classrooms: Let’s Start Today

Michelle Harris, Elaine Alarid, Paul Bethke, Isabelle Girard, Anne Griep, Stephen Johnson, Amy Mose
Northwoods Room

Why are Pizza Boxes Square instead of Round? “Inverted Cognition” as a Way to Learning through Curiosity, Inquiry, and Empathy

Evan Polman, Chris Dakes
Marquee Room

Creating and Sustaining Positive Learning Environments through Shared Values Clarification

Christian Castro, Megan Schmid. Erica Simmons, Marianne Fairbanks
Landmark Room

Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat: Inquiry-Based Learning

Amy Stickford Becker, Melissa Stiles, Eileen Cowan, Beth Altschafle, Elaine Pelley
Industry Room

11–11:15 A.M     BREAK

11:15 A.M–12:15 p.m.  BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Preparing Students for Community Engagement in Diverse Settings

Elizabeth Tryon, Haley Madden, Carolina Sarmiento, Margaret Nellis
Agriculture Room

Using Press Books to Make Open Educational Resources

Amanda Larson, Steel Wagstaff

A Holistic Approach to Advising in Liberal Arts Education: Teaching  Students to Know What They are Learning

Ricardo Court, Amy Gangl, Eunsook Jung
Industry Room

Are My Students in the Zone? The Mystery of Flow Experience in Online Programs

I-Pang Fu, Ian Muehlenhaus
Northwoods Room

Establishing an Analytical Scaffold to Prepare Students for Intuitive Clinical Problem Solving: An Evolving Exercise

Kristen Friedrichs, Linda Sullivan
Fifth Quarter

Addressing Active Learning and Asymmetrical Learning Outcomes: Using Scientific Teaching Methods to Couple Diversity and Equity Sensibilities with Active Leaning Interventions

Jon Breschak, Joshua Pultorak, Althea Miller, David Abbot
Landmark Rooom


12:15–1:15 p.m.    LUNCH / NETWORKING — Varsity Hall

Sponsored by the UW–Madison Teaching Academy

1–3:30 p.m.

Field Trip for Teaching and Learning in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve- The Essential Wisconsin Experience

Meet at Symposium Registration Desk. View a flyer about this event. (PDF)
Janet Batzli, Margaret Nellis, Sissel Schroeder, Adrian Treves, Laura Wyatt

 1:15–2:15 p.m.    BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Playing in the Sandbox: Using Improv to Teach Communication across Professions

Amy Zelenski, Mariah Quinn, Liz Collins, Julia Yates
Industry Room

Discover PD: A Thematic Framework for Creating Effective Professional Development Programs for Graduate Students

Alyssa Ewer, Jessica Maher, Christopher Trimby
Fifth Quarter Room

Leveraging Partnership and Backward Design to Create a Data Management Curriculum: A Collaboration between Biocore and RDS

Cameron Cook, Michelle Harris
Landmark Room

Talking About Race on a Predominately White Campus

Molly Kring, Nima Cheraghi
Marquee Room

Use of Technology to Promote Provision of Feedback across Multiple Evalulators

Amanda Margolis, Michael Pitterle, Denise Pigarelli
Agriculture Room

Redesigning for Active Learning in High-enrollment Courses (REACH)

Steven Cramer, Sarah Miller, Kris Olds, Shirin Malekpour, Edwin (Ned) Sibert
Northwoods Room

2:15–2:30 p.m.    BREAK

2:30–3:30 p.m.    BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Engaged Pedagogy: An Assessment Framework to Engage in Learning

Jeffrey Russell, Mary Thompson, Wayne Pferdehirt, I-Pang Fu
Marquee Room

Getting on the Same Page: Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Research

Amber Smith, Janet Branchaw, Amy Sloane, Mo Bischof
Industry Room

Building Students’ Culturally Relevant Practice: Bridging Social Justice and Nursing Curricula

Mel Freitag, Tasha Crooks
Fifth Quarter Room

Innovative Writing Assignments across the Wisconsin Experience

Brad Hughes, Kathleen Daly, Yoshiko Herrera, Lisa Bratzke, Jennifer Gaddis, John Yin
Northwoods Room

Empowering Student Awareness and Self-Regulation through a Quantified Self Tool

Kimberly Arnold, James Mckay, Miguel Garcia-Gosalvez
Agriculture Room

Bringing the Wisconsin Experience to Life

Lori Berquam
Landmark Room

3:30–5 p.m.    POSTER SESSION / NETWORKING  RECEPTION — Varsity Hall

Sponsored by The International Division

Remarks with Richard Keller, International Division